Monday, October 18, 2010

Resigned as director Caobin Hong Tang Wei Shaojun Star-elect

Datang Telecom announced on the 13th, agreed to resign from the company director Wei Shaojun, while the Board candidates for nomination as a director Cao Bin, Timing Hong stars as an independent director candidates, and submit the 2005 first extraordinary General Assembly.

Notice that the Conference should be to the 19 directors, 18 real to the director, director Wei Shaojun not attend the meeting due to his resignation. For the resolution, unanimously with over 18 people. Director of Datang Telecom Board of Directors Wei Shaojun job done during the work for the company to fully recognize and express our sincere gratitude. The first provisional shareholders meeting will be held on August 16, expected to be passed.

By the end of June, Datang Telecom announcement that, according to the requirements of Beijing Securities Regulatory Bureau, the company that where a busy independent directors XIAO Ya Datang Telecom independent directors to resign from office. But XIAO Ya Where the resignation of independent directors report should be made shareholders in the new independent directors and general meeting of shareholders the election of candidates after a decision is effective.

As "on the independent directors of listed companies to establish guidance system" provides that "board members shall include at least one-third of independent directors, independent directors as a result of the resignation of the board of independent directors led to the proportion below the minimum requirements, The Independent Directors Independent directors resign report should fill the next vacancy after the entry into force ", while the Articles of Association provides that" members of the board of 19 people, including seven independent directors "and, therefore XIAO Ya resignation of independent directors who report to be presented at its shareholders new independent director candidates and the general meeting of shareholders decided to take effect after the election.

Notice also announced Star duo Hong Cao Bin, and resume work.

Cao Bin, director candidates, 49-year-old Communist Party members, master, senior engineer; former Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, Nanjing communications equipment Changfuchangzhang, chief engineer; Nanjing Putian Telecommunications Co. director, deputy general manager, chief engineer, part-time Nanjing Telecom general manager of the South; China Putian Information Industry Group Technology and Quality Department General Manager, Systems Division Vice President, Director Institute of Putian Party Secretary, Vice-President; the current vice president of Datang Telecom Technology Co., Ltd., acting general manager terms.

Independent director candidates to Hong Xing, 46, Communist Party members, university culture, senior engineer. Work in Hunan Province People's Bank, a former deputy director of Hunan Provincial Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, vice president of sales, vice president of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China in Changsha, Hunan Province, Assistant General Manager of Telecom Industry Group. Sunshine Insurance Agency Ltd. is currently chairman of Hunan, Changsha City Commercial Bank directors.

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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Complementary to IPSec VPN SSL VPN

Reasonable choice of VPN

SSL VPN's strong momentum of development seems to indicate that it will replace IPSec VPN,

But careful analysis you will find no contradiction between the two

Choose the ideal virtual private networks for enterprise users is difficult, the current prevailing theory is: thunder gradually strength of the SSL VPN will quickly catch up and possibly replace the traditional IPSec VPN, this big purchase decision even more difficult. Of course, some people insist that: SSL VPN that Cinderella will soon shine, IPSec VPN will be eclipsed. This is the noise of the industry for the recent addition of a fire.

The industry believes that, IPSec been rumors put out too early, but in the field of remote access, there is no doubt a trend is very clear - stay away from IPSec, this trend stems from some very practical reasons.

Steady development

Infonetics Research is an international market research and consulting firm, is also a major professional company VPN areas. It said, SSL VPN has achieved considerable progress, as well as many IPSec VPN vendors in 2003 will continue to announced the launch of products based on SSL. This scene has now been presented before the world, Nokia, Cisco and other big players have launched around the SSL product solutions.

However, SSL still does not replace IPSec, Infonetics think so. Because of the lack of an ideal site to site to connect the SSL solution, and said remote access, and considered by many companies, may order a different remote access while deploying SSL and IPSec, but in the near future, this is unlikely to become a dominant trend .

According to a recent report by Infonetics shows, IPSec on the VPN is still the dominant terms of tunnels and encryption technology. But at the same time, SSL will continue to be attractive. By 2005, 74% of mobile workers will depend on the VPN (15% increase over 2003), growth is expected mainly from the SSL, IPSec outside of this alternative to avoid the need for client software deployment and management complexity and human needs.

The question now is, in the early stages of this market, many manufacturers on how to SSL-based product positioning seems to be no clear attitude. In the end the SSL VPN (also called application-layer VPN gateway products) as with IPSec competition or complementary? This was a marketing problem.

Infonetics that, SSL product and the final positioning of the best complementary IPSec. Most manufacturers will develop or purchase IPSec application layer VPN technology to their product line. This complementary positioning is essential to market success. If in the next 12 months, leading the market in the company decided to stir up competition between SSL and IPSec, then the market will suffer.

What difference

In the design, IPSec VPN is the nature of the security technology infrastructure. The real value of this type of VPN is that they try to improve the IP environment of security. The problem is the deployment of IPSec requires significant infrastructure transformation for remote access. Benefits to put in there, but the high cost of management. On this point, IPSec site-to-site connection is still the only option, but for other SSL VPN remote access activities also aroused interest.

However, when the first debut, IPSec VPN is considered other than remote access solutions, has a major advantage. Attraction of including IPSec VPN, which uses a centralized security and policy management components, which greatly ease the maintenance requirements.

However, recent traditional IPSec VPN, there were two main issues: first, to bring the human cost of client software, which many companies hope to avoid; second, some security issues have also been exposed, these problems mainly with the establishment of open network layer connectivity.

Preferred options

Many experts believe that the usual senior corporate users (Power User) and LAN-to-LAN connection required for function in terms of direct access to corporate networks, IPSec unrivaled. However, a typical SSL VPN are considered most suitable for remote employees to access common Web-based applications. Therefore, if you need more comprehensive, browser-based applications for access, as well as for remote employees to connect all offices, IPSec is undoubtedly the first choice.

On the other hand, SSL VPN does not require the end user's PC and laptop computers into the other client software. Some companies chose not SSL IPSec, this function does not require client software is an important factor.

In addition, SSL VPN there are other often mentioned characteristics, including lower deployment costs, reduce support and management on the day to day needs. In addition, because all external traffic is usually through a single hardware device, so that you can control access to resources and the URL.

Manufacturers in introducing such products do not need VPN client software, users can connect via the Internet to connect the task of equipment and means of access to safe access SSL tunnel. This requires additional hardware in the enterprise behind the firewall, but as long as the management company a device, not to maintain, upgrade and configure client software.

Because the end user to avoid carrying a portable computer, through any device with Internet connection can gain access, SSL is more likely to meet most of the staff of the mobile connectivity needs. But the problem is that such a program, SSL VPN encryption-level is usually higher than IPSec VPN. Therefore, despite the deployment and support costs low, and enable organizations to use a desktop computer, laptop or other means of staff Tigong use e-mail, 鐢氳嚦 rapidly, providing easy access to our partners outside the network capability, but SSL VPN still has its shortcomings.

The industry believes that these defects are usually related to client security and performance issues. E-mail and the Intranet on the case, SSL VPN is very good; but require higher security level, more complex applications, require IPSec VPN.

Connect Enterprise

Although the view was expressed that SSL really only applies to access Web-based 搴旂敤, Er Qi Ye not directly access network, Tageng for less skilled users, rather than Gaoji user, a kind But now a new 瓒嬪娍 - SSL tend to be infrastructure for technology, not just to be associated with Web application servers, deployed in network infrastructure equipment to other components of a technology.

In addition, some of the popular SSL technology has advanced to allow reliable remote users to connect fixed equipment, and fixtures that end with a reliable PC, firewall and anti-virus and other protective measures. In short, it is only a provision for all users all the necessary features of the VPN only, and IPSec VPN The fundamental difference is that traffic is transmitted via SSL to.

However, many organizations also use SSL and IPSec VPN must have its reasons. But industry experts believe that there is no reason to use both remote access and the same time. The present IT organizations do not agree with this view, that is, within the network, which the IPSec technology into LAN-to-LAN, SSL VPN is designed to work daily and remote access.

No matter how the SSL VPN to say, companies should keep in mind: such technology can not solve all problems for everyone. SSL VPN's all about saying just a market indicator that it is the solution of certain types of problem another way: not all resolved, but certain types.

Client software is the key

It was therefore firmly believe that, IPSec is to provide site to site, the primary tool to connect, through this link, you can wide area network (WAN) on the implementation of infrastructure to infrastructure communication. The SSL VPN feature does not require client software to help reduce costs, reduce maintenance concerns about Remote Desktop.

However, SSL's limitations is that only connect via a Web browser to access the assets. Therefore, it requires some applications to have a small application that can effectively access. If the application is not a small business assets or application, in order to connect to them is more difficult. Thus, you can not, without client software environment to run, because it requires some kind of rich client software (Client-Rich) of interactive systems.

Does not require client software operating environment certainly has its efficiency and benefits, performance, coverage and application compatibility problems also exist. In this way, full use of this option appears more challenging. SSL This program can solve the problem OS client software, client software maintenance issues, but certainly not entirely replace IPSec VPN, they have different solution is to be almost no overlap of the two kinds of the number of different issues.

SSL and application security

On the need for remote access to the most companies in support of the application should include the company to maximize efficiency, productivity and profitability of the various applications needed. Although the application security to provide this coverage width, but the application of SSL VPN can support a very limited kind.

Most SSL VPN are HTTP reverse proxy, so that they are suitable for a Web-enabled applications, as long as you can through any Web browser to visit. HTTP reverse proxy support for other query / response applications, such as basic e-mail, and many business productivity tools, such as ERP and CRM, client / server applications. In order to access these types of applications, SSL VPN for remote connectivity provides a simple and economical option. It is plug and play, and does not require any additional client software or hardware.

However, the same happens this advantage of SSL VPN has become the biggest constraints: users can only access the necessary applications and data resources among a small part. SSL VPN for remote access applications can not provide a comprehensive solution, because it does not help access to internally developed applications, nor help to visit a number of channels and dynamic port requirements and the use of multiple protocols such complex applications. However, this company and remote users is a key requirement. For example, SSL VPN there is no framework to support instant messaging, multicasting, data feeds, video conferencing and VoIP.

While SSL can protect the TCP channel created by the HTTP security, but it does not apply to UDP channel. Today, however, the support of business applications required to support all types of applications: TCP and UDP, client / server and Web, readily available and internally developed programs.

Application-independent security solution should have the support of a variety of standard TCP or UDP. Application of security technology supports the use of physical network solutions. In addition to supporting a variety of procedures now, application security will also support future programs, no matter what kind of protocol or design.


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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Acer said that no layoffs after the merger of Gateway

The United States has just announced the acquisition of Gateway's fourth-largest PC maker Acer, Taiwan's head office, mail back last weekend by a reporter for the acquisition part of the details of the question. Acer regard that as the world's third after the acquisition of Gateway, will be temporarily laid off without regard to the issue, while the company will also stop the Lenovo acquisition of Packard Bell, but the company also confirmed its previous statements to determine the industry's argument.

Acer headquarters say the Gateway brand after the merger of Acer brand co-exist with their own use, Acer will use the two-brand strategy in order for the world market. Acer has repeatedly stressed that there is M & A Gateway integration risks, but the greatest significance to Acer in the U.S. market, "Gateway focuses on the United States and the desktop PC market, in addition also enhanced in the high-end Acer's product line, the core strategy is to strengthen the macro Acer is the status of U.S. and European markets. "

Data show that after the acquisition of Gateway, Acer PC shipments to increase to 20 million units could be more than can be raised to an annual turnover of more than 15 billion U.S. dollars, have become the world's third largest PC maker, Lenovo behind. Acer said that Lenovo will not have the opportunity to buy more for Packard Bell, Acer will be used for priority purchase option.

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Acer suggest possible purchase Packard Bell is actively brewing

July 25, according to media reports China Taiwan region, Acer male senior public relations executive has hinted that the island Wang, Acer PC makers do with Packard Bell in Europe to discuss matters relating to mergers and acquisitions.

Last week there were reports that Acer intends to PC manufacturers in Europe M & Packard Bell. In response, Acer senior public relations director Wang island male in a telephone interview a few days ago, said: "M & A transactions may occur in some changes, we can not release more information to determine the exact date."

Packard Bell in the Netherlands, is Europe's third-largest consumer PC manufacturer, in France, Portugal and the UK market has a strong position. Currently, Packard Bell is to Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America market expansion.

For the deal, Gartner analyst Deng Yajun, said: "Packard Bell will help balance the acquisition of Acer's overall strategy in the Asia Pacific market." Deng Yajun said that in the Asian market, Acer consumers and small and medium enterprises in the markets performed well. The Packard Bell's business focus in the commercial market. Therefore, this potential deal is beneficial to the Acer.

March 12 this year, "The Wall Street Journal," the first report, said Acer plans to acquire a PC makers this year, but is currently looking for potential targets. Then, there was news that Acer may acquisition Gateway.

March 21, Gateway spokesman David Hallisey gave denied this, saying the merger was not to discuss matters with the Acer. May, Acer has also confirmed that M & A target is not Gateway.

By the end of May, Acer chairman JT Wang said the acquisition of a PC makers plan ahead of schedule.

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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is digital TV renovation project?

Here, there are many of my friends may not know that our digital TV transformation is how one thing here, I have done a more comprehensive explanation!

First of all, we need a transformation of digital TV digital TV device and share some auxiliary materials (such as: amplifiers, splitter, shelf, etc.), there is the customer going to a local radio station for a certain number of digital set-top boxes in order to achieve shared hundreds of TV to watch digital TV programs without affecting the layout and viewing any.

In this process, the radio station after the main route into the device through the sharing of digital TV, set-top boxes, amplifiers, splitters, mixers and related equipment to connect to set-top box output signal mixed to the original cable inside, which the original analog signal transmission using the same, in order to achieve a shared view of all television.

Transformation of the benefits of digital television:

1, save money:

50 sets of 50 set-top box for program output, the room has 50 TV programs, programs can be custom-demand, remote control operation and prior to any difference. 1-14 units can be customized for the central station 15 and-30, human nature, such as TV operation. In such circumstances, as long as the monthly rent set-top box 50 can easily share all of the TV network.

2, saving management costs:

We all know, TV set-top boxes placed next to, there will be a lot of cumbersome to use and very unsatisfactory, and if the hotel set-top box to be placed inside a set-top boxes for customers within the IC card, the hotel will suffer losses if the renovation project, then use centralize the management of easy and convenient.

3 premium channels shared:

According to the original installation, a set-top box can only provide a television program viewing features fees, as set-top box is currently no way to break, and only shared use of network transformation, through a set-top boxes transformed into the original charge of a program inside the cable television network, you can easily achieve, such as the European Football 588 yuan / year in the program so that all the TV networks which share the view.

What is digital TV renovation project? Http://

Cable digital TV transformation is legitimate? Http://

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Details of digital television programs and offer transformation

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Chengdu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chiba was established in 2008, is engaged in cable television equipment and systems equipment, intelligent application development, production and management of professional firms. The main production equipment front-end cable TV transmission equipment: adjacent channel modulator, demodulator, mixer, set-top boxes, sub-high, medium and low grades. Products with comprehensive functions, stable quality, competitive prices as the industry's mainstream products.
Chengdu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chiba set up R & D centers in Shenzhen and factory in Xining, Guiyang, Xi'an, Kunming, Changsha, Wuhan and Chongqing, has offices, through the right business ideas and perfect service system for companies in the industry have widely recognized and has won the customers trust and support, strong technical development and customer service team in China has many clients in different sectors of the electronics design.
Chengdu Science and Technology Development Co., Ltd. Chiba business philosophy focuses on all the clients with long-term mutually beneficial relationship, good as the brand through the eternal witness. In this area, from system design to engineering and technical support, we will work closely with you until the achievement of objectives. No matter the size of your company, we are always willing to provide you with thoughtful and attentive service.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

3G version of iPhone experience "quality gate"

iPhone fans may not be the most difficult to sustain high prices, but quality problems, as this will directly affect the iPhone in their mind of "cool." Yesterday, the user broke the news to this newspaper said, as the latest 3G version of iPhone's back cover with a plastic material, cracking problems have been more common.

Discussion first appeared in Australia, the iPhone enthusiast forum abroad, users claim, 3G version of iPhone has not been in trouble before the artificial compression, only after repeated use of crack automatically. Yesterday, reporters also found, including the "iPhone Chinese Forum" also appeared in a number of digital community related discussion, users have even posted a picture, the picture shows the location of cracking iPhone back cover near the headset jack and a few in the back cover side.

3G version of iPhone is the latest version of the iPhone, from July 11 onwards, it includes Hong Kong, China, including more than 20 countries and regions on sale. Some analysts said, iPhone all versions of shipments this year may reach the 10 million. At present, accused of the most pure white 3G version of iPhone, due to the impact of tight supply, and now the mainland gray market version of the white iPhone 3G 16G's price is close to 10,000 yuan, the price of the store have more than 8000 yuan.

3G version of iPhone's back cover and significantly different from previous products, which use the aluminum alloy material, while the 3G version of iPhone is using engineering plastics. The reasons for cracking occurs, the present because there is no official explanation, the user is confused and the more popular view is that the machine back cover close to the battery, due to thermal expansion and contraction caused many cracks.

In response, Apple's public relations head, told reporters the Chinese response to that, because an iPhone currently do not have any formal entry into the Mainland, it is not possible for users to bear the obligation to repair and replacement. "If there is a problem, users can purchase to contact the operators." The person in charge, told reporters that the current Apple in any market arrangements have not yet recalled.

Although Apple could do nothing, but the owner is very enthusiastic parallel, an Taobao shopkeepers yesterday told reporters that the situation of cracking in parallel from Hong Kong in the fairly rare, if cracking, parallel importers are willing to provide replacement services.

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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dell shipped the wrong price is not the defendant of fraud: frozen funds

July 24, according to Taiwan media reports, Dell Computer online store with the wrong price events, from the original simple consumer disputes, turned into a criminal case. Buy on a million computers and monitors of the public, the grounds of non-compliance has to Dell, the Dell fraud to court, the court to freeze a bank account in Taiwan, Dell; as the account collected for the Department of supplier accounts, transfer billions of funds have been frozen once, Compal Foxconn has been mistaken for vampires and other suppliers unprovoked.

Dell Taiwan site with the wrong price, the online world a mass 10, 10 pass 100, 26 000 users, the influx of hundreds of thousands within a week order Dell to clean up the mess, agreed to do that subscriber 1000 yuan discount coupons, the original price 60,000 yuan NT Latitude E4300 notebook, paid 20,000 yuan coupon NT users in Taiwan do not appreciate, it seems "Small to large whales," play for the re-staged.

Stuck suppliers and procurement funds suffer

It is understood that several financial strength of users, hundreds of million in relief will be remitted to Dell's account, then Dell refused on grounds of performance, Dell reported fraud, Chungli accepted and referred for criminal police, the judge has frozen Dell open an account at Citibank, Dell has been frozen so hundreds of billion yuan.

A Dell supplier, said Dell account in Taiwan, only a very small part of the paragraph from the public network share, Dell Corporation to import most of the money is used to pay suppliers for goods such as panel, Dell account has been frozen , all suppliers can not get money, once hopping anxious, complained to Taiwan Premier Liu.

"That tens of millions of consumer disputes, Dell put up hundreds of billions of accounts frozen, do not comply with the principle of proportionality."

Dell: everything has gone back to normal operation

The company said the Dell "with the wrong price," the event has not happened before, a week to sell dozens of monitors very great, after the incident, actually it was a night to set the tens of thousands of units, also with a "horse dog" other pseudonym purchase, in addition to leave cell phones, nothing left, "so many friends there would be no real money? how a way to simple consumer disputes, exaggerated into a network of fraud."

It is understood that Dell To keep these "financial capability" of users in negotiating a transfer from the head office on billions of dollars into counter-guarantee to the court, although the bank accounts were unfrozen, but the simple online shopping disputes, actually got 10 billion Yuan procurement account has been frozen, other multinational procurement in Taiwan, such as HP, Sony, Dell account that the provisional seizure of all events have an international joke.

Dell Asia Pacific Public Relations Manager Hanjian Yao, who have been reluctant to Dell's account is frozen for comment, but stressed that "all is over," Dell has resumed normal operations in Taiwan, the website received tens of thousands of Taiwan's orders, Han Jianyao that "Consumers do not so much under the single, We don't expect them to own. (We do not expect consumers will buy)."

Have money to pay the purchase price for the consumer, Hanjian Yao said, Dell will exchange as soon as the money back to consumers, as many visitors using the pseudonym order, and leaving only the cell phone, Dell users to return the money one by one, take some time .

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