Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Acer said that no layoffs after the merger of Gateway

The United States has just announced the acquisition of Gateway's fourth-largest PC maker Acer, Taiwan's head office, mail back last weekend by a reporter for the acquisition part of the details of the question. Acer regard that as the world's third after the acquisition of Gateway, will be temporarily laid off without regard to the issue, while the company will also stop the Lenovo acquisition of Packard Bell, but the company also confirmed its previous statements to determine the industry's argument.

Acer headquarters say the Gateway brand after the merger of Acer brand co-exist with their own use, Acer will use the two-brand strategy in order for the world market. Acer has repeatedly stressed that there is M & A Gateway integration risks, but the greatest significance to Acer in the U.S. market, "Gateway focuses on the United States and the desktop PC market, in addition also enhanced in the high-end Acer's product line, the core strategy is to strengthen the macro Acer is the status of U.S. and European markets. "

Data show that after the acquisition of Gateway, Acer PC shipments to increase to 20 million units could be more than can be raised to an annual turnover of more than 15 billion U.S. dollars, have become the world's third largest PC maker, Lenovo behind. Acer said that Lenovo will not have the opportunity to buy more for Packard Bell, Acer will be used for priority purchase option.

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