Tuesday, September 14, 2010

What is digital TV renovation project?

Here, there are many of my friends may not know that our digital TV transformation is how one thing here, I have done a more comprehensive explanation!

First of all, we need a transformation of digital TV digital TV device and share some auxiliary materials (such as: amplifiers, splitter, shelf, etc.), there is the customer going to a local radio station for a certain number of digital set-top boxes in order to achieve shared hundreds of TV to watch digital TV programs without affecting the layout and viewing any.

In this process, the radio station after the main route into the device through the sharing of digital TV, set-top boxes, amplifiers, splitters, mixers and related equipment to connect to set-top box output signal mixed to the original cable inside, which the original analog signal transmission using the same, in order to achieve a shared view of all television.

Transformation of the benefits of digital television:

1, save money:

50 sets of 50 set-top box for program output, the room has 50 TV programs, programs can be custom-demand, remote control operation and prior to any difference. 1-14 units can be customized for the central station 15 and-30, human nature, such as TV operation. In such circumstances, as long as the monthly rent set-top box 50 can easily share all of the TV network.

2, saving management costs:

We all know, TV set-top boxes placed next to, there will be a lot of cumbersome to use and very unsatisfactory, and if the hotel set-top box to be placed inside a set-top boxes for customers within the IC card, the hotel will suffer losses if the renovation project, then use centralize the management of easy and convenient.

3 premium channels shared:

According to the original installation, a set-top box can only provide a television program viewing features fees, as set-top box is currently no way to break, and only shared use of network transformation, through a set-top boxes transformed into the original charge of a program inside the cable television network, you can easily achieve, such as the European Football 588 yuan / year in the program so that all the TV networks which share the view.

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About 1000 birds

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